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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I pick up Macon Magazine?

A: From supermarkets to museums, vendors throughout Central Georgia carry the latest issue of Macon Magazine. See all the places you can pick up Macon Magazine here.

When are new issues of Macon Magazine released?

A: Macon Magazine releases six issues a year on a bimonthly schedule: February/March, April/May, June/July, August/September, October/November and December/January.

How can I pitch a story to Macon Magazine?

A: Macon Magazine is always looking for stories that celebrate and uplift the Middle Georgia community, whether that involves local business, the arts, sports — anything significant to Middle Georgia, especially Macon! Pitch your stories to

How do I get in Macon Magazine’s FACES section?

A: Email pictures of you, your loved ones or your event to with the subject line “Faces.” Include a caption with identifying information and a description of what’s happening in the photo. We want to celebrate you!

BONUS: Take Macon Magazine along with you on your travels, take a picture and share with us!

How can I advertise in Macon Magazine?

A: Inquiries about advertising can be directed to

What is the difference between content featured in the magazine and on the email list?

A: Our email list highlights upcoming events in the Macon community and exclusive announcements about Macon Magazine.

How can I subscribe to Macon Magazine?

A: Fill out the form linked here.

How can I subscribe to Macon Magazine’s newsletter?

A: Sign up to join our email list here.

How do I update my subscription information?

A: Any address or billing changes can be sent to

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