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Style to Bragg About

Tips for staying cool during Macon’s hottest music festival

By Hannah Jett Moore
Photography by Jave Bjorkman

“Lean on me, when you’re not strong and I’ll be your friend. I’ll help you carry on. For, it won’t be long, ‘til I’m gonna need somebody to lean on.”

Bill Weathers’ soulful voice has preached the meaning of comradery for decades, and in the heart of downtown Macon, a meaningful musical mantra is on replay every July. Macon’s music scene is hottest during the bustling weekend of Bragg Jam. We tuned in to advice from passionate Bragg Jam board members Stephanie Howard and Chandler Price for their coolest Bragg Jam style, and what they enjoy most about one of the summer’s hottest events.

Stephanie Howard serves as a marketing co-chair for Bragg Jam and is also a lecturer of marketing and director of the Mercer University Innovation Center. One of Howard’s favorite things about Bragg Jam is the atmosphere in downtown Macon.



“It draws a great cross section of people to venues and restaurants, and feels a lot like a family reunion,” she said.

As for dressing for the big shebang, Howard said breathable fabrics are a must. Instead of jeans, opt for cotton and lightweight fabrics. “It is July in Georgia, so you will definitely be sweaty. Dressing for Bragg Jam is all about being comfortable.  I always make sure to carry a stylish hand fan as well,” she said.



Keeping cool on hot summer days is all about having the right accessories.

“Hats with wide brims, hand fans, and handkerchiefs to fight sweat will save your fabulous outfits,” she said. “Also keep a spare outfit in your car or bag. With consistent triple-digit temperatures, you are bound to need an outfit change eventually.”

Howard describes her incredible style as “Corporate-Afropunk.”

“My hairstyle is a mohawk, which I usually braid for Bragg Jam, but at work you will find me wearing a structured blazer or jean jacket over a dress or skirt.  I love mixing conservative styles with the unexpected,” Howard said. “Style is an expression of oneself, so don’t be afraid to shine.”



Chandler Price is another talented marketing co-chair for Bragg Jam as well as the marketing manager for Visit Macon. She said her favorite thing about Bragg Jam is the music.
“My friends consider me a concert junkie, so that’s absolutely my favorite part. There is nothing better than experiencing live music,” Price said.
When she thinks about dressing for Bragg Jam, comfort is the first thing that comes to mind.

“I suggest wearing a light, breathable fabric like cotton or linen that you can wear both day and night. Also, sturdy shoes are key. You can’t go wrong with leather sandals or a pair of Converse,” she said. “Besides wearing breathable clothing, I suggest light accessories like crossbody bags, sandals, bandana hair scarfs and funky sunglasses. And never leave the house without wearing sunscreen.”



Her everyday style is a mixture of classic and sophisticate looks.

“I like to buy pieces that are versatile and won’t go out of style after a season. I tend to stick to more neutral colors like black, navy, green and grey, but will throw in a pop of color with some unique accessories like bright earrings or a fun clutch,” she said.

As a new member of the Bragg Jam board, she is thrilled to see the festival come together and bring both locals and out-of-towners together for two days of excellent music.
“There’s a sort of electricity in the air during Bragg Jam. It’s my favorite time of year,” she said.



Let’s continue a legacy of honoring the Bragg brothers and celebrating one another, Macon. After all, we all need somebody to lean on – figuratively, of course, when it’s that hot. Coming together as a community, that’s something worth bragging about.

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