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Local Shopping Guide

By Rachelle Wilson
Photography by Ali Dupree

I may be lonely in this, but I love change.

Seasonal change is welcome, naturally, but it makes me crave change in my immediate surroundings. Whether it be rearranging the living room or switching out the bedding, a change, no matter how small, gives me a sense of renewal.

I recently decided to reexamine my office space and how I foster creativity, productivity, and leadership from my control center. It was clear to me (and anyone who may pass by) that I had allowed my immediate environment to become cluttered and inefficient. A desk refresh was much needed.

Tossing out the unnecessary and turning to local shops for inspiration, I was able to hone in on what I truly need for a meaningful workday. My desk is a space designed for productivity, with planners, pens, reference books, and the like, but it is also important to incorporate small joys. Functional items, like bookends, notepads, and even a lunchbox can still be fun and expressive.

A desk refresh with a local touch may be just what you need to re-energize your workday.

Item List
1. Lunch Box from Ginny Marie’s | 4646 Forsyth Road St. 135 | @ginny_maries
2. Plants from Oh So Cute Succulent Boutique | available online | @OhSoCuteSuccs
3. Notepad from the Museum of Arts and Sciences | 4182 Forsyth Rd. | @masmacon
4. Bluelight glasses from Save the Date | 4420 Forsyth Rd. #135 | @savethedate_macon
5. Squirrel bookends from Smiley’s Flea Market | 6717 Hawkinsville Rd. |
6. Highlighters and stamp from Georgia School Supply | 4979 Mercer University Dr.
7. Tea from Biron Herbal Teas | @bironteas
8. Planner from Creter’s | 2374 Ingleside Ave.
9. Painting by Audrey Dickison | available at The Web, 1083 Washington Ave.
10. Various books available at The Golden Bough | 371 Cotton Ave. | @that_bookstore_downtwon