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Seasoned in Service:
Felicia Howard
10 years as owner of Felicia’s Cake Factory

Seasoned in Service is a series in our annual Food Issues, celebrating local food service professionals who have been in the business for ten or more years, highlighting their invaluable contributions to our community.

Interviews by Sierra Stark Stevens

Photos by DSTO Moore

Meet Felicia Howard of Felicia’s Cake Factory, who began baking over a decade ago as a respiratory therapist looking for a creative outlet to support her mental health. She found a culinary career that brings magic and joy to the special moments in the lives of her customers and community.


What skills or experiences did you bring with you when you began baking?

When I embarked on my self-taught journey in baking and cake decorating, I brought a profound passion for the art of creating delightful confections. My commitment to learning and honing my skills independently has instilled in me a deep understanding of flavor profiles, precise techniques, and an unwavering dedication to craftsmanship. Each cake I create is not just a treat; it’s a culmination of creativity, attention to detail, and the joy of exceeding my clients’ expectations. This self-driven pursuit has not only cultivated my baking and decorating expertise but also instilled in me a sense of resilience and confidence, making each cake/treat a unique expression of my journey in the work of culinary arts.


Have you always worked in the service industry?

I started out as a respiratory therapist who began baking and decorating to help with my mental health.


Is there a certain attitude or principle that guides your work?

The guiding principle in my work is a fusion of passion and precision. Every cake I create is infused with a genuine love for the craft and meticulous attention to detail. I believe each confection should taste exceptional and reflect a personalized touch, ensuring that every client experiences the joy and magic of a uniquely crafted creation. This commitment to excellence, coupled with a constant pursuit of innovation, propels my work, creating a delightful and memorable experience for those who savor my creations.


What should people try at Felicia’s?

When people visit our bakery, we highly recommend they try our cupcakes and petit fours.


What makes you most proud at the end of the day? 

What fills me with pride is my ability to bring others joy through my creations. Seeing the delight on my client’s faces and knowing that I’ve played a part in making their special moments even more memorable is incredibly satisfying. The artistry, dedication, and passion I invest in each cake become a source of pride as they contribute to the happiness of making sweet dreams come true for those who enjoy them.


What do you wish outsiders knew about the service industry?

I wish outsiders understood the immense dedication and hard work that goes into providing service in the industry. Behind every cake or dessert is a team of individuals, not machines, who strive for excellence, often working long hours to ensure a memorable experience for our clients. The service industry requires not just skill but a genuine commitment to customer satisfaction. Appreciating this effort fosters a deeper understanding of the challenges and passion that define the world of culinary service.


What’s important to you outside of work?

Outside of work, my roles as a wife, mother, aunt, sister, daughter, and friend hold profound importance. Family time is at the heart of my priorities, and I make a conscious effort to be present for the significant moments in their lives. Balancing these roles is undoubtedly challenging, along with my commitment to my faith and involvement in the church community. It’s the laughter, love, and shared experiences that add richness and depth to my life. These connections outside of work provide a source of joy, support, and inspiration that fuels my passion for both my personal and professional life.