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Gift Guide

Gifts for grads? We’ve got it in the bag

1. Large multitasking tote
-Whether it’s for move-in day, laundry day or a weekend away, a durable and open tote is the perfect gift for any college student.
-Find it at Creter’s

2. Abstract painting
-Help your college graduate kickstart their own art collection with a colorful local painting to hang in their first house or apartment.
-by Kathleen Jones

3. Bow tie
-Send your high school graduate to college well-prepared for fraternity formals, weddings and other future black-tie events with a custom bowtie, vest or cummerbund.
-by Diane Jackson

4.Key ring wallet
-A small but functional key ring wallet is the perfect accessory for keeping all of your graduate’s necessities in one place during on-the-go college life, office lunch breaks and beyond.
-Find it at Head Over Heels

5. Inspirational books
-Help college graduates build their very own bookshelf with informative, thought-provoking or local history books.
-Find it at Travis Jean, Golden Bough or Previews

6. Stone stud earrings
-Can’t borrow mom’s anymore! Send your college graduate off into her business professional life in style.
-Find them at Cortes Jewelers

7. Insulated tumbler
-Friendly for road trips, tailgating and days at the beach, an insulated tumbler is sure to be one of any graduate’s most-used gifts.
-Find it at Dry Falls Outfitters

8. Journal
-Encourage writing! Gift them the tools to document their new stage of life in a soon-to-be keepsake.
-Find it at Barnes & Noble Booksellers

9. Noise-cancelling headphones
-Help any student concentrate better during study time, work hours or even relaxation.
– Find them at Best Buy or Amazon

10. Personalized logo
-Send your college graduate into the workforce with a personally stylized logo they can transfer to business cards, stationery or even towels and linens.
-Commission it at Marketplace at Payne Mill

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