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Three things with Mimi, Macon Magazine mentee

I chose working with the Macon Magazine as my senior project and Susannah Maddux as my mentor because I wanted to learn more about the journalism industry but also connect with members of the community and Macon itself.

Every spring, we play mentor to a senior at Stratford Academy. This year, we are pleased to introduce Mimi Rader as our mentee. Read more about what she’s learned.

Three things I learned during my mentorship:

I never expected to feel such a strong sense of unity and support at the Macon Magazine as I have. The environment is so welcoming and everyone really cares about each other.

I’ve learned that loving your career is important. I have never met anyone more passionate at their job than Susannah Maddux. She is always excited for new opportunities and looking for new ideas to boost the magazine. To me, she is a great role model of how I want to be in any career path.

I have met so many new people. I have come to understand that this is a part of working with Macon Magazine. I have had the privilege of meeting some really cool people and this has been the most rewarding.

My knowledge of Macon has grown tremendously, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it.