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Business Spotlight 2020: Georgia Farm Bureau

Business Spotlight 2020: Georgia Farm Bureau


Jeanna G. Fennell, Assistant Corporate Secretary & Senior Counsel
Rachel B. Mosely, Assistant Corporate Treasurer & Senior Director of Insurance Accounting

1620 Bass Road, Macon

What is the mission of Georgia Farm Bureau?
Formed in 1937 by 50 farmers, Georgia Farm Bureau is a strong grassroots network that includes 158 county Farm Bureau organizations across the state. Since its inception, the primary, ongoing goal of Farm Bureau is to be a united voice in the legislative arena, to promote farm markets and to provide leadership to Georgia’s agricultural community.

What sets your business apart?
In 1958, Georgia Farm Bureau established the Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance Company to provide much needed insurance services to farmers. The insurance company now offers home, auto and life insurance to all Georgians..

What is the most gratifying part of your job?
Being a part of an organization that serves Georgians through advocacy for agriculture, as well as, being able to provide support for a person, community or business during unexpected and difficult times. Very few things are more gratifying than helping people. – Rachel Mosely

How do you define success?
My parents are not wealthy nor are they famous, but I think they are highly successful. They have worked tirelessly their entire lives to help others. Through their kindness and generosity, they have impacted the lives of all around them in a positive way. That is how I define success. – Jeanna Fennell

How did your business take shift during COVID-19?
We were very proactive in taking steps to protect the well-being of our employees and members. In mid-March, most of our employees started working from home. We made sure that our employees with school-age children were able to take the necessary steps to look after their children without having to worry about losing income. Our employees have done a phenomenal job in coming up with creative ways to make sure we continue to serve our members throughout the state. – Jeanna Fennell

How does your business serve our community with inclusivity in mind?
Georgia Farm Bureau values employee and customer input from a wide variety of cultural and ideological perspectives. This value ensures that we are poised to more effectively support the communities we serve. – Rachel Mosely

What can Macon do to better support businesses now?
A strong education system is vital to the success of all local businesses, whether large or small. Any time a business is considering locating in a community or in the process of hiring, it wants to know about the strength of the school system. I think we have taken great steps in strengthening our public school system in recent years. I am grateful for the leadership of Dr. Curtis Jones and the school board. Macon must continue to support our school leaders, particularly now, as they face incredibly challenging issues with educating our young people while keeping students, faculty and staff safe during a global pandemic. – Jeanna Fennell

What is the most common question you receive?
Do you have just a minute? – Jeanna Fennell

Any advice for those seeking to get started in your field of business?
Take advantage of every opportunity you have to gain experience. Don’t let your inexperience stop you, because it is through trying new things and taking advantage of new opportunities that you gain knowledge and wisdom. – Jeanna Fennell

What makes you a strong leader?
My willingness to gather the information needed for a decision to be made from all parties involved and then making an informed decision. I think the worst thing a leader can do is make decisions without input from your team. – Rachel Mosely

What are you most excited about right now in our community?
I am thrilled to see how so many people in our community have come together to help each other as we go through this global pandemic together. From churches to private businesses to schools, I have seen so many people step up and provide tremendous leadership in the face of this crisis. – Jeanna Fennell

What was the best business advice you ever received?
Take a deep breath. – Rachel Mosely

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